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About Us


About Pinex Decor


Pinex Décor is a leading brand of interior plywood, mica, suturing plywood and door skins with a wide array of world-class products and designs for domestic, commercial and industrial use.


Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has helped us attain a global

recognition of being a leader in the laminates and panel industry.


At Pinex, we treat our clients as the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate

his/her values and individuality through design. Our team pays attention to every minute detail – from an idea and concept development to its fruition. All our projects reflect the idea of fusing traditions with incorporations to portray a unique artistic image.

Pinex Décor has been the front-runner in the Indian organized plywood market as a beacon of class and ingenuity. At Pinex Décor, we use the latest technology to provide the best possible laminates and plywood products at pocket friendly prices. We aim to provide variety, quality and durability all wrapped up together, making it stand apart from the crowd. Further, all our elements go through PF chemical, which makes them extra strong and resilient.

Our philosophy is not restricted to meet the clients’ expectations but also to surpass them. We strive to provide a myriad of options to the client and leave no stone unturned to make their dream home or office come perfectly alive.

We take into account both present and future to offer designs, textures and colours which reflect a blend of contemporary & futuristic approach to meet the dynamic demands of the ongoing trend. With our robust infrastructure and stringent quality checks, we deliver superior quality products to our clients. Our diversity of products are both affordable and adaptable to every surface which makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of audience.

At Pinex, the customer is king. We always listen to what you have to say and work towards building a relationship between the consumers and the company. We believe in delivering the best to our customers in terms of exceptional services coupled with customer care. Our operations are transparent for all to see and we are happy to keep working towards serving the needs of all.


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